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On-Site Service:

N-TELDATA is there when you need us. With one call to our 24 hour customer support center, you can talk to a real person and place your service request. Immediate response from a local support engineer will determine your needs and a plan of action. Our average on-site response time is within 4 hours, we will come out to your home or place of business, diagnose and repair the problem. We also offer REMOTE SUPPORT and may be able to connect to your PC with a secure remote connection.  Minimal down time is our goal for each customer.

Preventive Maintenance:

Computer equipment needs periodic inspection, updates and maintenance. Internal connections can build up oxidation over time and intermittent connections will cause problems. N-TELDATA will re-seat connections, clean and run diagnostics on your system. We will make necessary adjustments to ensure your systems optimal performance. We inspect your entire network for devices, such as DSL Modems that need to be updated with the latest firmware to maintain reliability. Many times we detect
excessive noise from hard disk drives or internal fans that are loud or not functioning properly and remedy the issue before a problem occurs.

Backup Services:

N-TELDATA takes your data seriously. A current data backup is like an insurance policy, and we never know when we might need it. Within a blink of an eye, everything could disappear, the years of information, your data stored out on the hard drive, inaccessible.

We can setup a backup system through various devices that can be configured to do the process automatically. We also have a secure data storage facility to store your backup media off-site.


N-TELDATA has a network of professionals to train you on most any product. Personal or group training is available from basic to advanced, with the hands on approach. Computer classes are taught regularly for Internet, Windows, Microsoft Office and more.

Network Administration:

We offer business network support and administration services. We will set-up, maintain and handle all your networking needs. From adding new hardware, such as a network routers to loading software on workstations or servers, we make IT work.