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N-TELDATA is effective at tracking down the source of the problem. Our customers refer to our engineer as "Dr. Bob". His expertise in problem isolation comes from over 30 years of I.T. (Information Technology) experience as a field service engineer.

Many problems can be resolved with our REMOTE SUPPORT services. We have helped thousands of customers resolve all types of error messages and network configurations over the phone.

Call us to schedule service and we guarantee that you will be delighted with our work.


N-TELDATA has the sources to locate the parts needed to maintain our customer systems. The average repair is within 48 hours of initial service call. We will diagnose and repair most equipment on-site, we have the tools and test equipment necessary to maintain our customers systems.

Data Recovery:

N-TELDATA has recovered hundreds of crashed systems and saved precious data that was thought to be lost. 

System Tune-up:

Is your system running slow?
Along with preventive maintenance a system needs to be checked for malicious software and viruses. Your hard disk drive may have developed unreadable areas that cause your computer to lock up. We can diagnose and correct the problem.


N-TELDATA is experienced at planning, site preperation, setup and configuring the software and hardware installations.


The placement of a system and devices, cable requirement, power evaluation and environmental considerations are important to a healthy system.

Site Preparation:

N-TELDATA has the resources to ensure your installation meets all required standards. We can run the cable and install connections and assemble the hardware to complete a clean looking setup.

Setup and Configuration:

N-TELDATA is experienced at all phases of computer and peripheral installation. We know how to configure systems so that they perform to specifications.


N-TELDATA can perform a professional upgrade to your system on-site. We can assist you with effective solutions to the demands of your business. In the ever-changing world of computers, we are your resource to reconfigure your systems capabilities. We take the necessary precautions to ensure your upgrade goes as smooth and safe as possible. Ask us about our special discounted Windows 7 upgrades.

Wondering what to do with your old computer?

We can suggest many non-profit organizations to donate you old computer, after we securely wipe the data from your hard disk drives.

Perhaps you would like us to upgrade the operating system to UBUNTU.  We will give you a copy of UBUNTU free.